Rope Aid

A charity based in the UK and South Africa providing work at height skills for those who wish to grab the ropes and pull themselves back up!

Rope Aid is a charity organisation designed to help those in need of Rope Access or Work at Height skills and qualifications in order to get back to work. Aimed at individuals who have been unable to thermometerprogress socially and/or professionally due to disadvantages from low income, unemployment, previous offences or educational exclusion, Rope Aid aims to provide the financial assistance needed for these individuals to complete their qualifications.

In addition to the provision of skills and education, Rope Aid intends to inspire a sense of identity and self-confidence in our candidates or, in the case of rehabilitation, a second chance to those wishing to turn their lives around.  The Rope Aid aim is to help people gain access to industry related skills, primarily utilised within the rope access, work at height, renewable and oil & gas sectors.

Rope Aid aims to provide genuine and practical skills which allow people to help themselves. We believe that the most effective charities are the ones that address basic life problems and issues that are often taken for granted, such as access to a basic
education and/or occupational skills. This is what Rope Aid is here to address.

In partnership with other training organisations, Rope Aid works regionally, nationally and internationally to:
– Provide internationally recognised industrial work at height skills and qualifications

– Improve the employment prospects of disadvantaged individuals, thus enhancing their positive contribution to society.

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